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Hamilton is a specilized global telecoms components manufacturer with a focus on being the best in the industry. Hamilton designs RF components of the very highest quality that will satisfy your demands. Attention to detail and experience is priceless, Hamilton has combined years of engineering know-how to provide market leading solutions in a demanding environment. With a proven reputation for IP development, Hamilton continuously works to ensure its engineering design and manufacturing expertise provides you with optimal component performance. Our purpose is to provide the Highest Quality built for purpose RF products.


Hamilton has become known as an RF component technology expert and the key drivers behind this approach are our OEM clients. Understanding your RF performance requirement, and the environment that you need product to operate in, has made Hamiton high volume specialists. Our R&D team delivers problem solving results through clever use of the latest technologies. This approach ensures that Hamilton will continue to supply the RF component technologies of the future. To earn the trust and loyalty of our customers, Hamilton listens carefully to your needs, anticipates future requirements and provides mutually beneficial added value to help provide our clients an all-important competitive edge.